Still laughing...

So I work in downtown Wichita. The other day I was sitting at the front desk and watched a policeman pull over a biker (bicycle, not motorcycle). I was somewhat intrigued because I know there are no helmet laws for cyclists. So I'm wondering why the man was being pulled over.... and then I realize.......

You have to look close because I couldn't figure out how to make it larger, plus my husband wasn't too crazy about me posting this. But, how could I not?!?! It's so disgusting but it was so funny and just like a car wreck -- you couldn't help but watch. And yes, that little line across his waistline is a g-string. Oh the joys of working downtown. I can't even imagine what people see in real downtowns like Chicago or NYC.

This definitely made my day at work -- might have even been the best day of work ever. Surprisingly the guy didn't get a ticket and wasn't arrested.

So all in all, cheers to naked, tattooed guys riding their bikes and making my day better ;)


  1. oh good golly!! thanks for sharing ash. that's super funny!

  2. That is PRICELESS!!! It takes some courage to do that, I think. ;) I wonder what the ticket was for if he got one??

  3. wow - that just made my day, too! cheers to jason and i soon being tattooed too! no g-string riding wierdos though - don't worry.

  4. OH MY! I had to click on the picture to see it larger, because the tatoos just looked like clothes from a distance. That is insane!

  5. I just looked at this again and shared it with the family!! That is too disgusting and way too funny!