Still laughing...

So I work in downtown Wichita. The other day I was sitting at the front desk and watched a policeman pull over a biker (bicycle, not motorcycle). I was somewhat intrigued because I know there are no helmet laws for cyclists. So I'm wondering why the man was being pulled over.... and then I realize.......

You have to look close because I couldn't figure out how to make it larger, plus my husband wasn't too crazy about me posting this. But, how could I not?!?! It's so disgusting but it was so funny and just like a car wreck -- you couldn't help but watch. And yes, that little line across his waistline is a g-string. Oh the joys of working downtown. I can't even imagine what people see in real downtowns like Chicago or NYC.

This definitely made my day at work -- might have even been the best day of work ever. Surprisingly the guy didn't get a ticket and wasn't arrested.

So all in all, cheers to naked, tattooed guys riding their bikes and making my day better ;)


Meals, Royals, and Zoo + some

We have been so busy this month! Two weeks ago my sister danced in her last spring show. I didn't take any pictures...but trust me, she was beautiful :)

On that Saturday, my mom, sister, cousin, and two of my aunts and I all went to one of those meal making places. You know, the ones where you make meals and take them home and freeze them. We went here -- the prices are reasonable. I think I figured that it's more expensive than making a meal at home, but less expensive than eating out -- somewhere in the middle.

Left to Right: My sister Alison, my mom, me, my aunt Christy, my cousin Sarah, and my aunt Toni

Last weekend Bryan's twin siblings -- Bennett and Brielle -- graduated high school! Again, no pictures. My mom and sister and Bryan and I went to the Royals v. Baltimore game which was awesome. If you haven't been to the newly renovated K yet, it's well worth it. Bryan also got to go to the "rainout" game on Friday night. He waited 2 1/2 hours for the game to start -- but said it was worth it since Greinke was pitching -- and they won!

The two most lovely women in my life.

This weekend three of our college friends came and stayed with us because we all had a wedding to go to last night. Dave, Jared, and Katie stayed in our two bedroom apartment...hah! It was interesting - but fun. Saturday we went to the Sedgwick County Zoo - we'd never been there before since we've only lived in Wichita for 9 months. And for the first time since I've lived here, I can say that I like something better in Wichita than I do in Kansas City -- the Zoo! All of the animals are closer together. In KC, you have to walk like 2 miles to get to the next animal exhibit.

This is the only picture of all of us -- some guy at the zoo took it. He obviously doesn't take pictures very often. Jared is by Bryan and David is the hairy guy on the right.

Dave and I - eating lunch in the cool shade.

Dave and Bry in the rainforest...it was humid. Dave's beard was probably dripping ;)

It was such a hot day. Katie got blue bunny ice cream on a stick -- and I obviously wished I could have some too :)

The absolutely HUGE grizzly bear. Seriously, it was so big and it kept pacing back and forth. I felt bad though -- it had to be really hot.

Aslan. The ferocious lion we could of touched if six layers of glass and plastic weren't between us.

Hippo. The most dangerous animal in Africa. Kills more people than any other animal. Watch out -- they're fat but they can run 20 mph!

The evolution of man. Have they really changed that much??? ;)

Hopefully you enjoyed the glimpse into our busy few weeks. It's raining outside and we are going to cuddle up and watch Body of Lies. Happy Memorial Day! Check back soon :)


Home Team

Ashley and I have been a part of a Home Team since we were married in August 2008. First of all it has been a great place to make friends and allow God to shape us by challenging each other. Lately we have been doing a study on Jesus teaching through parables. It has been an awesome study. I have found myself in awe of the incredible depth of God's Word. Its incredible to me that even with a bachelors degree in the Bible and having taken classes like "The Life and Teachings of Jesus" that His Word is still so deep and alive that it can still be revealing more to me. It is also amazing to me how vital it is to have a group sifting through God's Word together. It brings great discussion and pushes us towards applying it.

Tonight we talked about the the parable of the unjust judge and the widow. It is found in Luke 18:1-8. As we were discussing the parable we all felt challenged to DO something persistent! What about the people around us? Are we persistently pursuing the justice for the least, the last, and the lost? WHY NOT?


Three in KC

Weekends that is. This past weekend, I went to KC for my sister-in-law's baby shower and for my brother-in-law's welcoming home party. He just returned from Afghanistan. Bryan couldn't go with me...he had to do that pastor thing ;)

Next weekend we will head to KC for my sister's dance performance & the following weekend as well for Bryan's twin sibling's graduation open house. So our gas expense is going to be off the charts this month. Oh well, our families are well worth the miles!

I'm at work, so I better go work. Happy Monday :)


I am...

blogging. Yep, bryan called me and said he made a blog. Umm...I already don't have anything to say. Hopefully I'll get better at this. Maybe he will be the writer and I'll just post pictures. Anyways...Goodnight :)



I have just returned from a conference in Atlanta,GA called The Orange Conference. I went there with the staff team I am on at Westlink Christian Church. The conference is focused on intergrated family ministry. Of I can assume that means nothing to most of you. But thats not what I am going to focus on.
One of the main speakers, Francis Chan (author of Crazy Love), talked about how comfortable, responsible, safe, and protected our lives are. We are always trying to watch ourselves. What we do. What we say. Who we spend time with. What we spend our money on.

Then he contrasted that with the Peter and John in Acts 4. They were preaching with courage (v. 13) and praying for boldness (v. 29, 31). WOW! Peter and John were praying for boldness. They have just been in prison for popping off and preaching about Jesus. So they are praying for more boldness? These guys lived with Jesus! And they were asking for more boldness?

Paul at the end of Ephesians (6:19,20) is asking that those in Ephesus pray for him declare the words the Spirit gives him fearlessly. Paul was probably the most courageous, bold, and radical person of his time! If you don't believe me read I Corinthians 11:16 to 12:10. He is bragging. He is boasting. Not about he being so powerful or bold. But about his weakness and trials.

Lets make sure we have cable! Lets make sure we go out to eat several times each month! Lets make sure we make it to the little league tournament Sunday! We stay so comfortable and so busy with "good" things that we miss the whole focus of Christianity. I always say, Good is the biggest enemy to Great!" Yet, saying it over and over, I have missed it to. I think I am trying to do great thing. Paul did great things. Peter did great things. John did great things. Yet they need boldness and courage. Not me. At least thats the way I live. Right?

If Peter, John, and Paul needed to pray for courage, boldness, and fearlessness and I don't think I need to then I have made a grave mistake. I have deceived myself beyond belief (I Cor.3:18, Jm. 1:22).