I have just returned from a conference in Atlanta,GA called The Orange Conference. I went there with the staff team I am on at Westlink Christian Church. The conference is focused on intergrated family ministry. Of I can assume that means nothing to most of you. But thats not what I am going to focus on.
One of the main speakers, Francis Chan (author of Crazy Love), talked about how comfortable, responsible, safe, and protected our lives are. We are always trying to watch ourselves. What we do. What we say. Who we spend time with. What we spend our money on.

Then he contrasted that with the Peter and John in Acts 4. They were preaching with courage (v. 13) and praying for boldness (v. 29, 31). WOW! Peter and John were praying for boldness. They have just been in prison for popping off and preaching about Jesus. So they are praying for more boldness? These guys lived with Jesus! And they were asking for more boldness?

Paul at the end of Ephesians (6:19,20) is asking that those in Ephesus pray for him declare the words the Spirit gives him fearlessly. Paul was probably the most courageous, bold, and radical person of his time! If you don't believe me read I Corinthians 11:16 to 12:10. He is bragging. He is boasting. Not about he being so powerful or bold. But about his weakness and trials.

Lets make sure we have cable! Lets make sure we go out to eat several times each month! Lets make sure we make it to the little league tournament Sunday! We stay so comfortable and so busy with "good" things that we miss the whole focus of Christianity. I always say, Good is the biggest enemy to Great!" Yet, saying it over and over, I have missed it to. I think I am trying to do great thing. Paul did great things. Peter did great things. John did great things. Yet they need boldness and courage. Not me. At least thats the way I live. Right?

If Peter, John, and Paul needed to pray for courage, boldness, and fearlessness and I don't think I need to then I have made a grave mistake. I have deceived myself beyond belief (I Cor.3:18, Jm. 1:22).

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  1. Great Summary of Chan's talk!
    I'll be contacting you this week about a guest post over at WCCM.